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rex mac я встретил бога, но он умер. сейчас музыка - бог. больше! быстро!

yeah guys this is good stuff liked it a lot love yous guys have a good time <3 Favorite track: First Movement.
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There was a room
and the room was a tunnel
and at the end of the tunnel was God.

And I saw God as a blue jay
and I sneezed
and God flew away.


released May 20, 2017

Nicholas K. Love - Bells, whistles, lur, pyrophone, nyckelharpa, theremin, spiritual guidance
Noah M. Forslund - Melodica, oud, flageolet, celesta, pipa, bird calls, words, rhyme schemes

Album artwork by Samuel D. Jones



all rights reserved


The Ring-a-Ding Bros. Northfield, Minnesota

Nick Love & Noah Forslund make music and love life.

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Track Name: First Movement
1. I Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star

I want to be a rock and roll star
I want to drive a big, fancy car
I want a house with an underground bar
I want to be a rock and roll star
Jesse McCartney will come to my home
We’ll talk about how he's not a good guy
Then he will leave, and it won’t smell so bad
I want to be a rock and roll star
I want to be a rock and roll star

2. If She Says She Loves Me

I can clearly see the days of old
When everything was better told
And I was so fulfilled
My time was filled by you
In your room I was with you
And, all alone, was with you too
The figures that we'd built
Would last until the end

So where am I now if I'm no longer with you?
How can it be that something like that ends?
I think I need something outside my head that I can crawl to
And I wonder if it's her...
If she says she loves me
I won't be so lonely
Maybe I'll be happy
Won't feel so alone…

3. O Girl U R A Diamond (O Girl U R A Pearl)

Oh girl, you are a diamond
Oh girl, you are a pearl
I want to take you dancing
Give you a little twirl
But now I see a problem
A problem with this plan
Upon closer inspection
I see that you’re a man
I see that you’re a man
But I'll do what I can

4. Dreams

I fell asleep, and saw her face
More radiant than the sun
I reached my hand to touch it
But it was a rhododendron
She was a rhododendron
Changed to a rhododendron
Oh, dreams can be so cruel...

5. Visiting Hours, Op. 89

I was waiting down the hall
Thought I heard you try to call.
Was it just my mind that kept me waiting
For your touch?

There is no way we can live
I have nothing left to give
All I can see's you
And that's not fading anytime soon
Anytime soon

6. Sirens

Slipping down the slide of rampant indecision
Time to think of all the bad things coming my way
I once had a woman but she had no body
Now that there’s no contact I suppose I’m better

I went walking down the lane into the forest
I heard all the sirens you can shake a stick at
When I got back there were red notes taped to my door
And I didn’t notice she had turned to plaster

7. Corduroy Pants

Corduroy, my corduroy
You make me such a happy boy
No love will know me as you do
And that's okay, it's just we two
Sometimes I feel your edges and grooves
I put you on and want to move
Corduroy, my corduroy
You make me such a happy boy

8. A Reminder
Track Name: Second Movement
9. The Sea Eel

The sea eel slithers across the sea floor
His world is the ocean, he cannot know more
Belief and perception will soon synthesize
Existence prescribed by his sea eel eyes

He lifts not the veil, yet thinks himself wise
He thinks himself wise
He is a sea eel

10. And Don't The Trees Look Like Roots Above The Ground?

Are you in love?
Have you ever been in love?
Do you even know what love is?
Tell me what it can be used for, anyway
And don't the trees look like roots above the ground?
Just like roots above the ground
Without their leaves in winter, tall limbs brown and bare?

But all of the frogs are just leaves drifting on the sidewalk
And all of the birds are just trees flying in extension
And all of the hurt you feel is felt by other people
I turn into a frogless tree and fly off by extension

11. I Went To Way Park Last Night

I went to Way Park last night
I went to Way Park
I sat in the dark last night
I sat in the dark
Way Park, so dark, so dark, Way Park

I sat on the swing last night
I sat on the slide
I sat on the horse statue
And took it for a ride
Way Park, so dark, so dark, Way Park

And then I went back home
I went back to my room

12. Oh, How I Love The Wintertime

Snow is on the ground
I ride my bike around the town
I wave to everyone I see
I wait for them to call to me
I am not my name:
My name is not me
Snow is on the ground
I ride my bike around the town
Track Name: Third Movement
13. Blossom (Sleeping)

Blossom, are you warm?
Are you kind to me?
Blossom, am I close to Sunday?
Take half of what you need
A little more, a little more

Blossom, are you crying?
Are you staying free?
Blossom, do you like the darkness?
Sometimes I feel it's closing in
A little more, a little more

Blossom, I'm afraid
I'm not near at peace
I'm scared of my place
Blossom, tell me I'm a friend
It’s all I have, it's not enough
Sometimes I stay at home
A little more, a little more
Sleeping, sleeping

14. Montage Of Flying

15. Look Up!

Look up! Look up!
If there's anything up high
Why do we still wonder why?
Look up! Look up!
If there's anything up there
Why does it not seem to care?
Look up! Look up!

16. (He Is A) Baby Man

He is a baby man
He is a baby man
No control over feet
No control over hands
Eating his rice and beans
Eating his rice and beans
He is a baby man
He will do what he can

17. Ego Death


18. The Soap Opera (Song For Marilyn)

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.”
I watch daytime drama TV.
Marilyn cheats on Rick with Michael, his twin brother.
I stare at a box.

Are you looking out?
Are you looking in?
Do you see me, Marilyn?
You look so sincere
You look like you just might love me
Your hourglass figure:
I become sand.
Track Name: Fourth Movement
19. Five-Song Suite

I. The Comedian's Dream
At least they thought it was hilarious
It was a joke for all of us
But was it something more?
Was it something more?

II. The Sea Eel, He Is Me
I wish I was a sea eel
I know I’m just a sea eel
Once I dreamed I was a sea eel
In a dream I was a sea eel


IV. 145

V. Sleeping (Blossom)

20. Heading Out Of Town

I’m heading out of town. It’s been too long
I don’t know if I’m coming back. I’ll leave you with this song
I think I knew you well, you weren’t alone
I’d seen your face around the school, I’d seen you walking home

We saw our futures, passing lines
To weave once and be lost in time
And so we’d go in separate ways
Beyond the hills, we watch it fade

I kept you for a time when days moved slow
In vivid dreams I saw your face: the half-light made it glow
But still I didn’t fit into this end
Through every alter ego played in strung-together trends

I worry now, but it might be
That no one out there feels like me
Is this what age begins to show?
We lose those years to ebb and flow?
I'm fearful that I’ll miss your voice
Or that I will regret the choice
The light is brightest as it fades
We search it in a murky haze

And so I am alone. There’s no one here
The sunset comes quite early now. At night, the weather's clear
I settle down to bed beneath some sky
But never will I sleep again: not with it on my mind

If you’re as happy as you say
What's left behind can pass away
Some morning it will vanish then
So as it comes, is gone again
But if you start to wonder why
Or if the arms become the lie
Our memories will supersede
The distance that our lives decreed
And when I finally make my bed
Your vision stays within my head
Let when I wake the world be new
And all my thoughts flow back to you

21. Once I Was A Child, Now I Am A Man

Once I was a child, now I am a man.
If I can go back there, is it just in dreams?

Once I was a sculpture, now I am an ice pick.
I can still remember:
Was it all a dream? Was I only dreaming?