Nü Year Nü Me

by The Ring-a-Ding Bros.

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released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


The Ring-a-Ding Bros. Northfield, Minnesota

Nick Love & Noah Forslund make music and love life.

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Track Name: Installment Number 4 (What's That Say)
Thank you for your patience
Now we think the time is right
It’s installment number four
We’ve worked hard day and night
Oh, it’s been so long
We hope it all came out alright, alright
Number number number four
(What’s that say?)
Number number number four
(What’s that say?)

I wonder if they’ll notice any change of pace...
Track Name: Everything Is Bathing Underwater
Land upon my cheek
She came dressed in red
But you have to fly away
Go away, go away, go away
I can’t stay here anyway
She was here and there, trying hard to land
She was young and beautiful
Beautiful, crucified, beautiful

So she stayed with me
She stayed here underwater
And she drowned, sputtering
Left her sense bathing underwater
And it passed, feeling small
And it passed, feeling anything, anything at all

Well, I was a boy
I was not a man
Was insecure and terrified
Cos she’s gone, oh, she left, left for good
And I needed life, I gave only death
Blame myself for everything
Cos she’s gone, she is free, she is free
She wouldn’t have stayed anyway
Track Name: Mr. Spaceman & The Alien Brood
The tiny spaceman came to Earth
Within a tiny crimson ship
He flew around the universe
And stopped off here for gas and chips
And when he and his family got here
My, the things they saw
Like war and microwave ovens
They said, “This planet sure is wacky."
Track Name: North American Underground
There's a place that people go
Underneath everything plastic
Called the North American Underground
It's the hippest spot in town
Nobody ever smiles there
Or asks you how you're doing
You can hear noise music in the air
And if you don't enjoy it, you should leave
It's quite a scene
Track Name: Mornings In The Shower
I was standing in the shower
Thinking of the day ahead
Wish there was no day to get to
Wish I could just stay in bed
Showers are a bit like beds
They're cozy, warm and nice
Then you have to leave the shower
And the tile's cold as snow
Track Name: The Little Garden (Or Mr. Maddox Visits The Canyon)
He called them family in part
Because he couldn’t find his heart
They scattered ashes after dark and moved in violet
I know the feeling, something’s changed
I’ve watched our hopes be rearranged
Still all these years won’t quell that pain, the world turned over

"Helter skelter," Charlie said
"Helter skelter!!" cry the dead
Bury her beneath the meadow
And say a prayer for yesterday, she’s gone away
A revolution of the mind
Look in the desert, you will find
Beneath the clamor unrefined, a little garden
Track Name: Nuclear Power
Nuclear power, nuclear power
I am powered by nuclear power
Track Name: Michael The Kite
Michael was a kite
He flew high in the sky
All the kids loved Michael
They waved as he flew by
His colors were bright
He flew out of sight
But he crashed in a tree
And the children forgot him
Track Name: Kitt Wind Tunnel
It's bitter cold February day
Everybody's winding down
Classes now have ended
Everybody's heading home
Some go back to Mellby Hall
Other's back to Mohn
But man, some have to walk a while
Cos Kittlesby’s their home

Sam is heading home
But first he's got to brave
He's got to brave
The Kitt wind tunnel
Evan's headed home
But first he's got to brave
He's got to brave
The Kitt wind tunnel

Two for one, two for one
Twice the walk and half the fun
Track Name: Lamp
The lamp in my room sure is great
It gives off a nice warm glow
It's like coming inside to a welcoming fire
Only smoke alarms don't go off
Track Name: She Gives Answers
She gives answers, she gives answers
There's no question, she gives answers

When it's dark as night and the rhythm is cold
When you're feeling small because you hate growing old
When you're hung out to dry and there's nothing to hold
Hold me

And when the music's dead and your feeling's a waste
And you're looking 'round for a way out of this place
Take me with you, please, I won't get over your face
Take me

I was a selfish boy, now I'm a selfish man
And just to keep you here, I'll do whatever I can
She gives answers, there's no question
She gives answers and I'm asking
Track Name: Patch Of Mud
I was walking down the trail in the heavy rain
When I came across a patch of mud
"What a patch of mud!" Said my friends and I
And I stepped in and fell on my face
Track Name: Movies
I'm going to Kildahl
Going to watch a movie
Going to be with people
Stay up past 8:30
Ex Machina? Cloud Atlas?
That one by the Coen Brothers?
Jacob says, "Stay quiet"
And excitement builds
Excitement builds
Track Name: Rain Clouds
It seems like it's a fact
But it's really an opinion
Looking 'round is hardest when there's nothing worth looking for
A numbness in your head
At least that's what you said
Get down on all fours and wish it away, everyday

Still I can't get over the face
It is firmly burned in my mind
Though the others may begin fading into nothing
And I can't get over the smile
Just a fleeting glimpse of the soul
Even we must know that a good can't last forever
Two of seven billion rain clouds, and we're all just floating 'round
Leaving little drops of water on the ground
Track Name: Cool Guy Who Doesn't Need To Look At You
Once when you were sitting there
I didn't look at you
Because I'm such a cool guy
I had other things to do
I was thinking all about you
Hoping you were watching me
But when I glanced back at you
You had left
Track Name: Short Song
Track Name: Social Interaction Can Be Difficult When You Don't Know The Person Quite Well
Do I know him well enough?
Can I call him a friend?
My god, he's coming closer
Could this be the end?
Will we make quick eye contact
Or maybe shake hands?
Should I stop and talk to him
Ask about his weekend plans?

Closer and closer with each passing step
What have I to say?
Passing by the moment comes
I look down
I look the other way
Track Name: Untitled
Why does my mind go there?
It's been so long and I still care
I guess I'll go to sleep now
To dream of what has been
Track Name: Can't Say I Don't Believe
I have no words or pictures framed
And I know you don’t feel the same
But I can’t say I don’t believe
It’s something that we can’t control
Returns the stitched up wounds you stole
And I can’t say I don’t believe

But maybe we’re all too late
It’s lonely, dark, and great
There’s no pattern to this world
It’s too vast to be unfurled while we wait to be nothing

But I’ve seen ice and snowy peaks
And I’ve seen preppies, jocks, and freaks
And I can’t say I don’t believe
It’s something that we can’t ignore
That we’ve all been ‘round here before
And I can’t say I don’t believe
Track Name: The Last Song
Man, the world's a scary place
With these people running all around
Everything keeps changing...
Sometimes it gets me down
And I am such a little fish
But I think you might be too
So let's swim upstream together
Cos what else can we do?

Oh, I say this with all confidence
That I don't know what we're doing
But that might mean we're all just kind of lost
And I say this with all confidence
No, I don't know where we're going
I guess we're just along for quite a ride
And it's alright, it's alright
I guess it means we're living
I guess I means it's happening
I guess it means it's beautiful
A wacky thing, we call this time